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Caito Junqueira - Digital Fine Art

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Hello and Welcome to my world. A world of digital impressionistic colors. A world of animals, scapes and people. That's the trip I'm on at the moment.

My work is intended for interior designers, art collectors, and those who fancy art.

I hope you apreciate my work and, if possible, leave a comment. Any critique, good or bad, is welcome.

About me
I'm a Digital Fine Artist, Sculptor and Writer based at Sao Paulo state's country side. I love art and, for the last 30+ years, have worked with it's many forms, adding to the above, film production and screenwriting.

My studies in drawing, painting and film began in the early 70s at school, with private tutors and later at the Escola Panamericana de Arte as preparation for the architecture college admission exams. In 1984 left FAU-USP college to learn Computer Graphics at the Academy of Art College in San Francisco where also attended training in design and colors.
In the 90s was a producer, screen writer and conceptual designer in some brazilian film productions. Since then my artistic activities have become increasingly more virtual, concentrating today, 90% of my work. As a fine artist, remained semi amateur until 2010, when I embraced, as a designer and collegue, a partnership with my daughter in our studio, CJunqueira - Surface Pattern Design.


Crab 1 by Caito Junqueira


Rhinocerace by Caito Junqueira


Baleia Beach - SP/ Brasil by Caito Junqueira


Times Square Swirl by Caito Junqueira


Brazil Soccer Team Uniform by Caito Junqueira


Polo 1 by Caito Junqueira


Brothel Seduction by Caito Junqueira


Flamenco 1 by Caito Junqueira


Sandra Jolie by Caito Junqueira


Tribute to Andy Warhol - Monroe by Caito Junqueira


Judy Garland by Caito Junqueira


Mimi 1 by Caito Junqueira


Jack by Caito Junqueira


Renata Junq by Caito Junqueira


Madiba 1 by Caito Junqueira


Jack Willis by Caito Junqueira


Pain Copper Mask by Caito Junqueira


African Days by C Junqueira


Starry Eyes 1 by Caito Junqueira


Andrea and the Cat by Caito Junqueira


Lambertville Bridge by Caito Junqueira